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Can LiveFyre make a dent against other larger comments giants like Disqus or Facebook Comments?

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Apr 20, 2011 6:34:00 PM

Have you heard of LiveFyre? Maybe not... but this social commenting tool has the potential to really take off. We've been testing it out for about a week, and we feel like this could be a great service to utilizie for ourselves and our clients.

What is Livefyre?


Livefyre is Livefyre is a real-time engagement platform focused on building a community around the content of your website. It replaces your outdated comment section with a live stream of comments, images, videos, tweets, and Facebook posts. Livefyre is built from the ground up for the social web, focused on bringing the conversation back to your content and giving your community the most quality online conversation experience possible, with the people, communities, and topics that they care about the most.

Livefyre provides inbound marketing through social mediums

One of the neatest features that LiveFyre provides is the ability for your comments to be posted directly to multiple social networks, which can allow all of your friends to see. This feature is great in the fact that it can bring your content in the front of your commenter's social networks. They can have the ability to get their friends to get involved in commenting and discussing an article or an idea, thus distributing your article to a much larger base easily and through a more inbound manner.

Livefyre Supports Social Sign In

If you want to comment on a livefyre comment area, you do not need to create a whole new account.... you can post comments via your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. They also support Gravatars, so your profile pic will be tied to your comments.

Livefyre is focused on building a community

Public profies are available to show user's recent comments, posts, rants, social links, etc... It also allows peers to vote and rate other comments, thus providing recongition for a job well done, and help establish strong reputations for those who provide quality insight and comments. They also provide the ability to follow conversations and get email threads of past notifications.

Livefyre is easy to setup and install, and has a great admin tool to moderate content. We think that you should give it a try... For those that have used livefyre, we'd love to hear what you think...

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