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Could Google+ be used as a company intranet and communication tool for SMB?

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Aug 2, 2011 4:55:00 AM

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Google+, and I think that the way it is setup, it truly allows one to strongly organize their friends and contacts much better than Facebook or any other social network I am familiar with... also with a series of features it provides, it got me thinking that maybe it could be used as a tool for SMB to handle communications internally.

Google+ provides numerous features that can allow a SMB to utilize it as a way to keep communications organized and tracked internally.

Google+ Circles: Your Company and Departments

Why not setup each member of your team on Google+? Have everybody create a circle that you are all assigned to that represents your company. Any items commented shared or passed in this circle stay within the company. This information is stored and compiled. Go one step further and build department circles so that accounting can discuss accounting only, or developers can communicate directly to developers. You could even look to create circles for projects, so information tied those projects is easily organized.

Google+ Sparks: Industry and Competitor Research, Local Industry News Source

Setup specific keywords, competitors, and local geo-targeted words to stay-up-to-date on the current news and information regarding your industry, trends, news, information not only specific to your industry, but to your competitors and local economies. It's a great way to organize this and have your employees learn more... it also provides a way for your team members to share and organize ideas and thoughts.

Google+ Hangouts: Video Conference for SMB

This is one of the killer features... for SMB that may have multiple locations or have people working remotely, how great is this feature? Get up to 10 people on a video conference together? Be able to perform chat and pass links and such while discussing? This is probably the strongest tool when it comes to using this as an internal communication tool for your SMB.

Google+ Integration with other Google Apps

For those SMB that utilize Google Apps, one can only imagine how things will move forward, integrating email, word docs, spreadsheets, calendars, etc... The sky is the limit, and this social medium provides the opportunity for these items to be even more shared within your company

Google+ Circles: Your Company Blog

Another neat feature to consider is the ability to send news and information directly within this application. No need to have a separate service/provider for your company blog, if you already have setup this system internally, why not extend your features to have an area where you can share company news publicly, and be socially by all of your employees through a company blog. Sharing information through Google+ to the public is easy, and it is easy for others to start to follow you.

Google+ Business: Be one step ahead of your competition

Google+ for Businesses will be rolled out soon... if your company is already integrated with Google+ internally, think how much further ahead you will be to integrate your information to your business page? Plus, you will have those that you want the ability to contribute to this as well.

The one down side... what if Google+ Fails?

The one major drawback, obviously is what happens if Google+ does not grow and become stable? This is a risk you have to consider... many google applications and products take off, but when it comes to social apps, Google has not had as much luck. Will this be the time they turn it around? My guess is that they are very much committed to being more involved with Social, and with a lot of potential, Google+ can very much succeed.

What do you think?

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