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Chart: Where do Consumers go First When Looking to Research/Buy a Product Online?

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Jun 2, 2011 4:28:12 AM

Research was performed by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, to determine where consumers go first when looking to research buying something online. The information was tabulated and put together on an informative chart.

Online Purchase Research Choices

Google is the Primary First Step when Interested in Making a an Online Purchase

When asking consumers what is your first step most often when you are interested in making an online purchase, almost 40% said Google was their first place they went. This was the top choice. The second place was the direct/corporate/retailer site the product was sold, roughly around 25-30%. Amazon was 3rd between 20-25%. Ebay was 4th around 10%, and at only 1%, people said they went to ask friends on Facebook.

Facebook may be the most popular site and have people spend a lot of time online there interacting with each other, but they have yet to be able to take that energy/resources and convert it to an online shopping/ecommerce platform. Google may be losing the battle socially, but they still control the arena when it comes to research/finding buying solutions online.

Do you agree with this chart? Is there anything missing? Would love to chat, so please feel free to comment.

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