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How Should Small Businesses Handle Content Creation for their Websites?

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Jun 17, 2011 6:52:01 AM

What is the best method for Small to Mid-Size Businesses handling content creation for their websites? Is it in their best interest to outsource it, handle it internally, or look to find a happy medium between the two? Each company is different, and each company needs to identify their strengths and weaknesses in regards to content strategy / content creation on their websites and overall online presence.

Option 1: Keep it In-House

With this choice, you have decided to take manners into your own hands... The responsibility of creating content falls on a member of your team, as well as the integration/publication of the content on your website. Big Picture, doing something yourself almost always results in saving money in the long run, and since your are controlling it internally, you are able to control all of the details.

In-House Content Creation Works Well if:

  • You already have a trained content/copywriter on staff, and have time/availability to write on a constant basis

  • Your industry that you are in, or the products/services you provide are very specific/highly technical, and the learning curve for an outside source to write about it would be steep.

  • Your website/blog are built within a CMS application your content writer is familiar and comfortable with

  • Your content writer has a background in SEO or you are willing to pay for training to educate about SEO

Remember, content creation is not simply writing engaging content, it is also making sure it is position/created properly on the web, and setup to be maximized in search results and passed along through multiple online mediums. To be successful, it requires constant upkeep and the need to always be producing new and engaging content to be successful. Overall, In-House Content Writing can save your company a lot of money overall than that of outsourcing your content writing.

Option 2: Outsource Content Creation and Content Strategy

This option is used for companies that do not have the time to handle this on their own. Content Creation and Content Strategy are out-sourced to a 3rd party company. From a instant impact, having a professional handle this can be great for business, although it does rely on a 3rd party company to continue the content strategy.

Outsourcing Content Creation Works Well if:

  • You do not have a copy writer on staff, or your copywriter on staff does not have resources/time to commit to your content strategy

  • Your current content writing is not generating increases in search rankings.

  • You do not have the skill sets to understand how SEO works

  • Financially it makes sense for you to hire a 3rd party than hire in-house and properly train.

Remember, while outsourcing content creation and strategy to a professional can help you out tremendously from an SEO standpoint, they do not know your business as well as you do. It may also be difficult to find a 3rd party vendor that works well with you and you feel comfortable with. It is important to take an active role with the 3rd party vendor to insure that the overall message and feel of the content represents your goals and objectives, and how you view your company.

Option 3: A Hybrid Content Creation and Content Strategy that Involves both In-house/Outsourcing

This option is a mix of the first two. Typically, this involves having your internal team write the initial content, and rely on a 3rd party company that focuses on SEO to enhance/reposition the content so it is properly implemented on your website and focused/geared towards your keyword strategy.

Combining In-house and outsourcing Content Creation Works Well if:

  • You can identify your strengths and weakness, and have each party work where they are strong in.

  • Allows you to write content the way you want your message to come across, and also be able to provide the necessary industry knowledge to be created, while allowing an SEO expert to configure it so it is found on the web.

  • Allows variations as well, as a 3rd party company can come in and critique and consult with your in-house copywriter, thus indirectly training them on how to properly write content for the web with keyword rankings in mind.

Remember, we all have our strengths and weaknesses... it is important to identify your strengths, and know when you need to look for assistance/consulting to do better.

Each company is different and each company has different thoughts and opinions on how work is done. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us or jot a comment... would love to hear from you and what your thoughts are.

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