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What are the Top Tactics for Effective Social Media Marketing?

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Jun 22, 2011 4:55:17 AM

Marketing Sherpa performed a survey on over 3,300 marketers to understand what social media tactics organizations use, how easy they were to implement, and how effective they were.

Comparing tactical usage, degree of difficulty and level of effectiveness per social media tactic

Effectiveness of Social Media Tactics

Looking over these results, it is clear that a lot of organizations are trying to take on a "fast and easy" solution, and while they can show that they have been able to achieve social media objectives, the effectiveness of those items have very small effectiveness. Adding Social Sharing Buttons on Emails and Websites, Sharing Multimedia and Advertising on Social Sites are easy to do, but not as effective as other means.

SEO for social mediums, moderating social networks, and blogger relations have the most effective results from social media tactics, and not surprisingly, the level of difficulty is much higher.

Social Media Results... You Get What You Pay For

It goes back to the old proverb... you get what you pay for.... don't spend time on creating a strategy, don't use an expert, and you can't complain about the results you get from your efforts. For those that invest in the later, they tend to see better results and effectiveness.

Do you agree with this chart? Are you implementing social media tactics yourself or using a 3rd party? What has worked for you? What hasn't?

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