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Email Continues to Remain the Top Choice for Marketing Communications

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Mar 5, 2011 6:10:41 AM

Frequency of US Internet Users Checking Email

Even with an increase in social media users and time, email remains the top choice for marketing communications among all age groups.

According to Merkle, a customer relationship marketing agency: "87% of internet users checked personal email daily in 2010, a number that has changed little since 2007. Among those with a separate email account for commercial email, 60% checked daily, down just 1 percentage point since 2008."

Social media usage is hardly taking away from email. Rather, social media users are significantly more likely than other internet users to check their email four or more times per day, and less likely to check infrequently.

Email Usages vs Social Media Usages

"There is some evidence that personal communications are shifting away from email, though. Messages from friends and family are taking up a smaller share of all time spent with email, while the share spent with commercial emails is rising." according to eMarketer.

"Email is still a major method of communicating for the vast majority of internet users. Across all age groups, it was the top choice for receiving commercial communications. Most respondents preferred the phone for personal communication, but email was the most important online channel for communicating with friends and family among every age group except 18- to 29-year-olds, a demographic for whom email was tied with social networks."

How frequently do you check email Do you feel that you are using email less or more than you did a year ago? Do you think that there will eventually be a shift in your online communication preferences as other areas such as social media continue to expand and grow in your online daily use?

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