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Does our Society's Need for Instant Gratification Hurt SMB from Having a Strong Long Term Web Strategy?

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May 3, 2011 7:15:00 AM

In the past, it was understood that startup and small businesses took time to establish themselves and build their company from the ground up. But with today's quick pace market and need for instant results and "live in the now" mentality, is it causing decision makers to not think too far out and hurt their long-term web strategy?

Small and Midsize Businesses are focusing a lot of energy into their Website and Social Media, but after spending that much time on those two, their level of committment towards other online marketing efforts seems to dwindle. A company's website is a very integral part of an overall web strategy, but too many times, small to midsize companies only focus on maintaining the website once it is live and neglect building and growing their content on the site. Socially, small business place effort in marketing and promoting their products and services for the short term, and as well neglect taking advantage of implementing a content/social web strategy to help build and establish their presence in the long run.

So why do alot of small businesses neglect a long-term web strategy?

I don't think it is necessarily an issue with them not knowing they need a long-term web strategy, I think it is a matter of being able to prioritize effort to do so. Small and Midsize companies are still in a stage where they have to constantly be focused on bringing in sales and revenues immediately to stay afloat, and when not working on that, have to maintain and keep up with products and services they have already released.... the ability to dedicate time and effort for more longer-term goals is difficult or cannot be justified (at least in the short term).

Inbound Marketing via Content Creation

Creating fresh content and blogging on a regular basis is difficult. Content Creation is a great way to get you and your company out there... and if you are willing to put in the time and effort consistently and for the long haul, you will definitely reap the rewards in the future. However, the key is an understanding of this work not resulting in instant gratification... the work effort performed on this method will show results further down the road... it has been documented numerous times that companies that post blog entries on a daily basis have generated leads from this effort. That's the key... being able to dedicate or set aside time for buidling your long term online strategy.

Web Strategy Assumptions

I'm curious if you agree with my assumptions.... do you find that there is too much emphasis placed on the "now"? Or am I giving businesses too much credit in understanding the importance of a long-term web strategy? Do companies and individuals realize the true value of building a strong long-term web strategy based off inbound marketing methods?


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