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What is the most preferred method of receiving sales/promotional offers for online shopping?

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May 10, 2011 4:52:00 AM

Preferred Method for Receiving Sales Promotions for Online ShoppersAccording to data from a study performed by ForeSee Results, 64% of Online Shoppers preferred to receive promotional offers through email communications. Surprisingly, only 8% wanted to receive and learn about discounts via social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Promotional Emails Preferred Method for Receiving Online Sales/Promotions

Email still is driving the bus when it comes to getting consumers to make online sales purchases. According to the survey, nearly 2 out of ever 3 respondents preferred to receive their special deals and offers through emails. Surprisingly, coming in at second is postal mail, with 25% saying they prefer this method. I find that number hard to believe, as myself and others I know do not react to direct mail pieces. 3rd on the list was offers directly on retailer websites, TV was 4th, and 5th which may come as a shock to some is social media. Only 8% preferred to hear about sales/promotions through this medium.

According to an article about this subject on eMarketer: "While deals are important to those social networking site users who follow brands, several factors add up to put email in an even stronger position: more consumers subscribe to retail emails than follow retailers on social sites, the desire for discounts may be even stronger among email subscribers, and many users still limit social sites to their primary purpose of communication and entertainment."

Social Media Networks and Online Shopping... Still a Disconnect

Other surveys have expressed strong showings for social network users utilize social media sites for learning about offers and deals about brands from the companies they follow or from friends. However, even with this occurring more and more, social media still does not have a dramatic effect on online purchasing... why is this?

It seems that there still is some sort of mental disconnect between social media and online purchasing, and the bulk of people making online purchases are still heavily influenced by email marketing. Does that mean that you should only do promotional campaigns through email only? No. I think it is important to spread your message, offers, and promotions throughout all of your online mediums. To be truly effective, you need to have a consistent, cross-platform marketing message through all channels. Whether or not they decide to make an online purchase via one method or another, there is no definitive data that shows that seeing the offer on a social medium site did not play a role in when they finally decide to make a purchase.

How does Email Marketing and Social Media Help you with Online Purchases?

If you are marketing consumer based products via different mediums, do you see one working better than the other? How have you been successful? Are there times where one works better than the other?


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