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Facebook Members Reasons for Having Not "Liked" a Company on Facebook

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Oct 9, 2011 8:15:12 AM

Facebook Members Reasons for Having Not Liked a Company on FacebookWith the continual increase in popularity of Facebook, so too has there been an increase in Companies to look to build their number of followers. This article goes into details on why users prefer not to follow.

ExactTarget performed a study called "Subscribers, Fans and Followers: The Meaning of Like" to further study what fans thought about company pages on Facebook. They wanted to know more about why Facebook fans prefer not to like a company.

Reasons why Facebook Fans Haven't "Liked" a Facebook Company Page

The biggest reason why people do not like a Facebook company page is because they are afraid they will be bombarded with messages or ads. This was over half those surveyed. The second biggest concern was privacy. Fans were concerned about companies have access to their personal profile information.

The 3rd largest issue was that they didn't want their friends news feed to be pushed down because of company messages. This was shared by almost a 1/3 of all interviewed. At the same level was that they didn't want to be contacted by companies on Facebook.

Coming at 5th place at 23% is that people don't see any purpose of being a fan. Slightly under that is the concern about imposing their view or interests on their friends.

Do you like to Fan Company Facebook Pages?

What is your take on this? Do you follow may companies on Facebook? Do you agree with these concerns/comments? Would love to chat more with you about this.

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