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Stats Show Product Videos are Well Worth It

Posted by Simon Yohe

Apr 17, 2012 9:00:00 AM

Product Videos Viewing StatisticsProduct Videos are carrying their weight when it comes to their ability to educate and demonstrate a product's features and benefits. Product Videos have shown much usefulness in educating consumers compared to other mediums.

Product Videos + Education Benefit + Demonstration = Happy Customers

From an article on eMarketer... "According to a November 2011 study by the e-tailing group and Invodo, US consumers who encountered product videos on websites watched them 60% of the time. And 36% of respondents said they had watched five or more product videos on brand or retail websites over the preceding three months."

Who said anything about Retention Time?

Interesting note that came from this study... retailers shouldn't be considered with lack of attention or focus. 85% of those surveyed said they would watch an entire video that educated them about a product that there were already interested in for minimally 1 minute, and roughly the same percentage also said they would watch a similar video in duration for a demonstration.

Watch. Review. Repeat.

Videos that demonstrated quality educational and demonstrations encouraged repeat viewings. According to the report... "Two-thirds of respondents said they would watch videos containing large amounts of information about a product several times before deciding whether to buy it. Forty-seven percent of consumers also equated videos with high production values with being more reliable, according to the survey. And good videos had the effect of increasing consumer engagement among 53% of those surveyed."

What is your take on Product Videos?

If you are a B2C company, have you done any product videos? Have they been effective? Putting on your consumer hat, have you made a product purchase based off a product video?

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