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Five Reasons Why You Should Pick a Digital Agency to Handle All of Your Inbound Marketing Needs

Posted by Simon Yohe

Mar 6, 2013 9:26:00 AM

Five Reasons Why You Should Pick a Digital Agency to Handle All of Your Inbound Marketing NeedsWe believe strongly in the importance of providing all aspects of inbound marketing within one group. Having experts in design, marketing, and analytics on one team provides a much better overall service for businesses in getting their message out there and fine tuned. Here are five reasons why you should pick a digital agency to handle all aspects of your inbound marketing efforts.

Reason 1 - Design, Marketing, and Analytics All Truly Go Together

Design should not be performed without understanding marketing or analytics. Marketing should not be performed without understanding a brand or past analytical results. Analytics cannot be understood completely without understanding efforts in design and marketing. While they all can be performed individually and as an add-on service, to truly successful, they should be part of an integrated, customized marketing strategy. Having a team work together on all threes allows better understanding and communication of the entire spectrum of a campaign, and allows overall better production and results than working in separate, isolated groups.

Reason 2 - Building a Strong Relationship Between Your Team and Design, Marketing, and Analytics Members

For businesses, working on a steady, consistent basis helps build a strong relationship. You benefit from a team of creative experts that works side-by-side, day after day, with analysts who are mining your data to uncover the best opportunities. This team will work seamlessly with you to design integrated marketing collateral and promotions that achieves results and drives revenue. The level of industry and company knowledge grows incrementally with each campaign. Every communication and strategy works to build trust, loyalty and, ultimately, repeat business with your customers.

Reason 3 - Faster Adaption and Evolution Based off Analytical Results

Having a team handle all of these different aspects, you don't have to wait for one party to explain to another party what is working and what is not. Speeding up this loop allows you to be more proactive on campaigns that work, while also reducing your loss on campaigns that don't. Communicating these results with team members that work together on a regular basis allows the messaging to be more clearly understood and result in changes and modifications being performed more accurately as well, resulting in better results.

Reason 4 - Creating a Consistent Message of Your Brand and Voice

Having design, marketing, and analytics working together, you help build and establish a consistent voice, tone and presentation. This in turn is actively investing in and building your company's brand equity, while presenting a consistent brand face and tone to your customers. Such strong support of your brand will help to keep your company top of mind when your customers come looking for products and services that you offer.

Reason 5 - The Team Understands and Learns More About Your Most Important Needs - Your Customer

You don't have to teach a new dog an old trick. Working with a team who understands your current and past work, allows them to create Intelligent marketing efforts that delivers measurable results quicker. Every creative piece is designed to capture more information about your audience to build your database. So, unlike with other media, you know what works and what doesn't. And through testing and retesting, you will refine your approach and your message, so you can find ways to improve your results every time out.

The most powerful marketing promotions and campaigns are always built upon true customer knowledge. Through working together as one team and reviewing extensive targeting and modeling efforts together, you know up front all there is to know about your customers, your market and your products. It's an advantage that helps to develop creative communications and strategies that resonate more powerfully with your audience while generating the strongest response.

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